As an integral part of the building supply chain, we are always on the lookout for new ways to build better and faster. It not that often that such innovative ideas come around so when one does, we love to share with our readers.

One such innovation passed our desks earlier this year. ZIP System® sheathing and tape. An article in a trade magazine written by Jeremy Kassel or Kassel Construction caught our eye. Here’s Jeremy’s story of working with this innovation product.

I’ve been a self-employed home improvement and remodeling professional since 2005. My first experience with ZIP System® sheathing was when an architect requested it for an addition to his 1880s farmhouse located outside of Albany, New York. My team and I were skeptical at first wondering if ZIP System sheathing and tape could perform like traditional house wrap.

After we completed the addition on the farmhouse using ZIP System sheathing and tape, we were contacted by another homeowner about a unique project where they wanted to replace their siding and make the home more energy efficient. We immediately thought of ZIP System R-sheathing, the insulation is factory-applied to the ZIP System sheathing, so we could reduce thermal bridging with fewer installation steps than the alternative method the homeowner was using, all while preserving the bones of the old home. We left the original interior insulation and exterior sheathing—fiberglass insulation and a cellulose-based fiber wall board—and added the layer of ZIP System R-sheathing on top. Additionally, the old windows were replaced with new, more energy efficient windows before we completed the project with a new vinyl siding, for which ZIP System R-sheathing provided a nailable base. The ZIP System R-sheathing also had all the built-in weather resistive barrier benefits as the ZIP System sheathing we had used on the farmhouse addition.

In both cases the ZIP System sheathing was a great solution to the problem. New and innovative ideas like this help all of us in the wall panel and building industry be more efficient.