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Wall panels for the pro builder

About our Plant

Our 16,000+ square foot production facility located in Prescott, Wisconsin produces some of the best wall panel and permanent wood foundations in the business. Our flexible and efficient space can run up to three full production lines and one special projects line around the clock during the busy season. This allows us to work on projects our competitors would not. Being efficient, organized, and flexible means we can deliver what is needed when it is needed.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3


Step One

From the start of the process when our plant receives exact specifications for wall panels or permanent wood foundations, our process is precise. Our starting point is the specialized Hundegger Speed-Cut Sc1 saw where all the panel pieces are cut and labeled according to how they are to be assembled.

Step Two

These pieces are next loaded to the assembly line where our skilled craftsmen are guided in the build by easy-to-see overhead screens that detail how each panel is to be constructed. As the panels move through the line they are quality checked at multiple points in the process to ensure they are square and will be easy to work with when they arrive onsite for the build.

Step Three

Sheathing is added and final quality checks made before the panels are organized by how they will be assembled, bundled and stored for shipping to each job site. Our yard managers take special care to load the bundles for safe travel to sites near and far. As a special convenience for our builders, we are able to ship the panels in smaller bundles to lessen the demand onsite for space to store the pre-made wall panels.

Take the Tour!

Seeing is believing. Take the virtual tour of our plant and process in the gallery below, or contact us to a guided tour of our facility. Our facility serves the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. We also serve markets in Missouri and Oklahoma.