Advanced technology is constantly revolutionizing the construction industry, and wooden panel assembly is no exception. Panel automation continues to evolve among component manufacturers seeking to maximize safety, construction efficiency, and tight labor. The Terminailer XP is a cutting-edge nailer that utilizes advanced automation to streamline the subcomponent process. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of the Terminailer XP and explain how it is transforming our industry.

Enhanced Efficiency

The Terminailer XP automates the process by automatically nailing together subcomponents such as headers, kings and jacks, and multi-ply trimmers.  The machine can assemble at a rate of 100 parts/hour, allowing us to increase our production efficiency. Moreover, the automated process reduces the labor required for panel assembly, minimizing the need for manual labor.


All nailing is done automatically inside the machine, making it very safe for the operator. The Terminailer XP then discharges the parts onto a roller system, reducing the lifting of the beefier subcomponents.

Precision and Accuracy

The automated system utilizes advanced technology to ensure the accuracy of the subcomponents. Before nailing, the dimensional lumber is aligned and clamped, guaranteeing that each subcomponent is straight and flush, making framing more precise. The system also minimizes human error during nailing, ensuring that nailing patterns meet project specifications.


The Terminailer XP is a versatile machine that can accommodate a wide range of subcomponent sizes while maintaining its high production rate. The system can handle parts up to 25 feet long and can be adjusted to accommodate varying widths and heights of subcomponents. This flexibility allows the machine to adapt to a wide range of subcomponents, from lighter to more robust assemblies.


The automated system can produce large quantities of parts in a short amount of time – reducing any “bottlenecks” during manufacturing. The increased efficiency of the machine allows for more output, thereby helping EdgeBuilder supply/maintain aggressive construction schedules.