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Why Build With EdgeBuilder?

Prefabricated Wood Wall Panels and Permanent Wood Foundations – Fast, Quality Construction

EdgeBuilder is in the business to literally give you an edge over your competition. Your next building project will be a success with our quality, pre-fabricated panels and solid construction permanent wood foundations.

Our Product Benefits

  • Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment; thus reducing your exposure to weather and possible theft
  • Pre-fabricated wall panels can be customized to exact architectural specifications
  • On-site waste reduction
  • Save time during the build process
  • Our skilled craftsmen and efficient in-plant process allows us to deliver on time and in an as-needed fashion

EdgeBuilder Wall Panels and permanent wood foundations offer sustainable green building practices, quality components, advanced design solutions, and competitive pricing.

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Our wall panel and permanent wood foundation manufacturing facility, located in western Wisconsin, allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest States of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.