Contractors tend to be less busy in the winter due to the fact that many homeowners or property managers prefer to build in the warm months. Construction in winter also can be halted by snow, ice, and subzero temperatures, which is why it’s essential to have materials that will get the job done on time. EdgeBuilder’s wall panels and permanent wood foundations are the solution! 

Benefits of Wall Panels 

One of the major perks of our wall panels is how much time they save our clients. You can cut days, weeks, and even months from your construction schedule by building with wall panels! The traditional stick-framing method is time consuming and can be wasteful if pieces aren’t cut or assembled correctly.  

Your wall panels are designed and assembled in our indoor facility, going through several quality checks along the way. All we need from you is a blueprint and an initial conversation about your project—then, while we’re constructing your panels, you can turn your attention to other aspects of your build. 

In addition, we bundle your wall panels in the order they’ll be installed, and we also deliver them on an as-needed basis. Lumber takes up a lot of space on the site, and materials need to be covered in the winter, so getting your product delivered is convenient and efficient. You’ll also have the option to unload the materials via crane or extension forks depending on your situation.  

Benefits of PWFs 

Permanent wood foundations, known as PWFs, are also designed to save you time during the construction process. Concrete will have a hard time curing in temperatures lower than 40 degrees, and although concrete additives and insulating the ground can help, installing a wood foundation is quicker.  

PWFs sit on a concrete or rock base so that the walls are supported, but other than that, the basement will be constructed out of wood. These basements are warm and can save homeowners money on energy bills in the winter, and the treated wood prevents termites or rot from taking a toll.  

Like upper wall panels, your materials can be delivered to the site when you need them, saving a lot of room. Permanent wood foundations are meant to make your clients happy and allow you to stay on schedule when winter throws a wrench in the plans. 


EdgeBuilder Wall Panels is happy to discuss your project and help you get an edge over the competition. Give us a call today!