Time. Quality. Labor Efficiencies.

The question really should be why wouldn’t you build with wall panels and especially ones that are quality made?

If you are not familiar with wall panel construction, they are very similar to traditional stick-built walls with one big exception: they are made indoors in a controlled environment. With wall panel construction, builders are set free from weather related setbacks and released from the need to have many wall construction contractors onsite.

With prebuilt wall panels, builders provide blueprints that the walls are constructed from. The panels can arrive onsite all at once or as the builder needs them to help conserve on limited space. Additionally, wall panels are a wonderful way to extend workforce capabilities during times when construction labor is in high demand.

Builders who elect to use wall panels also see cost savings through shorter construction cycle times and better overall quality in the framing. Due to the stringent quality checks made within the wall panel plant, panels tend to be more dimensionally accurate than a traditionally framed building.

Reasons to Choose EdgeBuilder

  • Our products are manufactured in a controlled environment; thus, reducing your exposure to weather and possible theft.
  • We are willing and able to customize your order – our special production line is dedicated to serving your unique requests.
  • Our projects range from residential home construction to large, multi-unit builds.
  • Prefabricated wall panels can be customized to exact architectural specifications.
  • Quality checks throughout our process ensures your finished panels are square, sound, and ready to be installed.
  • On-site waste reduction.
  • Save time during the build process.
  • Our skilled craftsmen and efficient in-plant process allow us to deliver on-time.
  • You can take delivery of your products as you need them – we understand space is limited on job sites.
  • We package our shipments so they are safe, and your products arrive undamaged.

Are you a home builder looking for better and more efficient options during the build process? It is time to learn more about EdgeBuilder wall panels. Contact us today for a plant tour or to simply learn more about how we can help you.