While we’re known for our wall panels, we also provide permanent wood foundations for pro builders. Pratt Homes, a professional home designer and builder company, has built over 300 homes using EdgeBuilder permanent wood foundations. But what are the benefits of a wood foundation vs. a concrete one?

They’re warm and dry.

Wood foundations are the perfect solution for keeping warm throughout the cold Minnesota winters. Treated wood also doesn’t absorb moisture like concrete does.

They’re quicker to build.

A poured concrete foundation takes much longer to build, and if you want to build faster and have that edge over your competition, a permanent wood foundation is the answer. You won’t have to wait for the concrete to cure when you build with a wood foundation, which is a huge perk.

They make renovations easier.

If the homeowner wants to add a window to the basement later on, it’s a difficult task if the walls are made of concrete. With a wood foundation, you won’t need special equipment to break through the concrete, so renovations are less of a hassle.

They’re energy efficient.

Concrete foundations have a harder time keeping basements at an ideal temperature—it’s hard to enjoy the basement in wintertime when it’s much colder than the rest of the house. Homeowners won’t have to crank the heat up as much to stay warm, so they’ll save money on energy bills.

They have easier access for repairs.

At some point down the road, a home will need to have some electrical or plumbing work done. Concrete foundations make that task harder, as it’s more difficult to access those lines.

Permanent wood foundations are treated with special chemicals to protect against rot and termites, which is certainly a concern for homeowners. Wood basements are built to last!

One of our clients, Bill & Rose Scheremet, said about their permanent wood foundation, “People who come to our house are truly amazed at the cozy and comfortable feeling of the living space in the lower level.”

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