Construction season is picking back up again, which means it’s time to think about how you can stay ahead of your competition. New home construction is still in high demand, so you need to be able to get your work done quickly without compromising quality. Building with wall panels can give you that edge over the competition!

As many builders know, time is money on the job site. When you’re spending too much time on one client’s project, you’re losing out on money from another potential client. That’s why we started our company: to help you build better and faster.

By building with wall panels, you can cut days, weeks, and even months from your schedule. Rather than spending time making your own panels at the job site, also taking up room that you may not have, you can arrive to the site with wall panels already built and ready to be installed.

We have pre-construction meetings with our clients so we can go over specifications and placement plans. This way, we can come up with the most efficient process for getting your job done. We’ve become a leader in the wall panel business due to our strong communication and flexibility throughout the project!

Our prefabricated wall panels are built in a weather-free environment, so you don’t have to be concerned about quality. We understand that simply having the best materials can be a big time-saver as you don’t have to put the project on hold to get the right materials. Our laser-guided equipment, trained experts, and quality checks ensure that your wall panels are being built to exact specifications.

Wall panels also speed up the building process due to how they arrive to the site. After our team constructs your panels, they’re labeled and bundled in the order of how they’ll be used. We also arrange to deliver wall panels on an as-needed basis, so you don’t have to worry about having enough space for materials.

For bigger projects, like multi-family homes, wall panels are essential to getting the job done quickly. We’ve supplied over 100 multi-level wood frame buildings with our prefabricated wall panels! You can be certain that your wall panels will be delivered on time and built to specifications when you work with Edgebuilder.

We’ve been helping pro builders around the Twin Cities build better, smarter, and faster since 2003.