Should you “stick frame” your next wood framed structure or use prefabricated wall panels?  Consider this:

Traditional framing methods rely on cutting and assembly on the job site. In this environment, the progress can be hampered by bad weather, scheduling issues, construction errors (waste), and maintaining a qualified labor force in an already tight labor market.

Conventional framing methods also require raw lumber on the job site to frame the structure “stick” by “stick”. Not only does this leave the lumber open to theft and “shrinkage”, but it takes up precious square footage on tight job sites.

With prefab wall panels, there are savings to be had.  EdgeBuilder saws are optimized with special software to ensure our cuts are exact. This reduces waste to the nearest inch. There is no need to train new crews on specific framing details like stud layout, corner details, or framing around openings.  Our designers take care of that for you.

EdgeBuilder wall panels are produced in our special manufacturing facility.  We build to your exact specifications and bundle your walls in the framing sequence specified by your framers.  Panels are then delivered to site, fitting exactly as planned.

Ready to consider EdgeBuilder prefabricated wall panels? Give us a call today and stick it to your “stick framing” consideration!