Because concrete foundations have been the norm for so long, there are several questions that new homeowners have about permanent wood foundations. We’re here to clear up any confusion and myths about wood basements, so we’ve made a list of some of the most common questions we get.

Are they dry and warm?

Living in Minnesota, and being in cold temperatures for a majority of the year, it’s important to homeowners that their home stays warm. Wood basements are actually more ideal when it comes to staying dry and warm, as the treated wood doesn’t absorb moisture like concrete foundations will.

Do they take longer to build?

Actually, permanent wood foundations are quicker to install as opposed to a poured concrete foundation. Builders won’t have to wait for the concrete to cure, so your home gets built faster, which is a bonus!

Are they energy efficient?

Yes, they are! Concrete foundations tend to make basements colder, causing homeowners to turn up the heat in the wintertime to stay warm. With wood foundations, you’ll save money on energy bills.

Are they strong enough?

People often ask about the durability and strength of the material. Permanent wood foundations are built to withstand the pressure from the soil and the weight of the house. Also, the foundations sit on a concrete base which makes them stable.

Will they last?

A common misconception about wood basements is that the material is weaker than concrete, thus not being able to last as long. However, permanent wood foundations are built to last. They’re treated with special chemicals that are meant for below-ground use to prevent rot and termites from taking a toll. This treatment also protects against water from seeping into the foundation.

It’s time to say goodbye to time-consuming, cold concrete foundations. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, we can help. EdgeBuilder, Inc. has been supplying permanent wood foundations and prefabricated wall panels to pro builders since 2003.