Jobsite delays cost both time and money that no one on the site enjoys. With many moving parts and details that need to be attended to, it doesn’t take much sometimes to throw the entire operation off schedule. At EdgeBuilder, we understand it’s the details that make a build successful and that is why we work so hard to get them right the first time.

For us, getting the details rights starts by uncovering framing issues well before your wall panels arrive on site. How do we do this with such accuracy? By asking the right questions upfront and during the design process.

Whether its unfinished business by the architect, dimensional conflicts, questions on proposed HVAC runs, anticipated blocking needs, or truss bearing points, we “see” how everything ties together before panel production even starts.

More importantly, EdgeBuilder pays attention to prescriptive code. Have you ever heard of table R602.7.1? Exactly! This isn’t something most people discuss over lunch, but we do! For reference, R602.7.1 is one of the latest tables in Minnesota Building Code regarding header assembly and sizing.

For decades, window and door headers have been framed with the header just above the opening and cripples used to frame to the underside of the top plates. This is not considered a braced header, and now the header size can be affected.

Does this mean you cannot frame with cripples above the headers? It depends what the building inspector says. Nevertheless, we see this as a trend that is coming and the norm then will become headers framed directly under the top plate, thus making it a braced application.

At EdgeBuilder, we take the devil out of the details. That is our job in more ways than one. This leaves you, your site superintendent, your framing team, and other trades with more time to focus on what is important: moving onto the next profitable project. Whether you are framing a house, an apartment, or a senior living facility, trust EdgeBuilder to design and build wall panels that fit like they should with no headaches in sight.

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