Pro contractors know the importance of saving money on their projects, and that’s where we come in. Building with wall panels has a number of benefits, but one of the biggest perks is that it cuts costs.

With the traditional stick framing building method, you have to pay an employee or subcontractor to cut and assemble the frames on the job site. By using wall panels, you don’t have to pay someone hourly to complete the task. In addition, with that lumber laying around on the site, you risk the possibility of theft. Wall panels are delivered on an as-needed basis, and since they’re quicker to install, that risk is eliminated.

When we create your wall panels, we build them to exact specifications. This reduces waste, as someone manually cutting the lumber could easily make a mistake, whereas our software ensures that your wall panels are built according to the provided specs. Then, you don’t have to spend more money on lumber due to a mistake in the stick framing process.

Wall panels also allow you to have minimal crew members on the site, reducing the wages you’d need to pay a full crew. Wall panels also remove the need to train crew members on corner details or having to frame around openings.

Prefabricated wall panels are more efficient than using the stick framing method, saving you money and time throughout your project. Ready to build faster, better, and smarter? Contact EdgeBuilder Wall Panels today to get started.