When it comes to exterior sheathing on panelized walls, there are many options. Most are code-driven, but cost and energy savings are other factors. 


CDX plywood has long been used for exterior sheathing. The “X” in CDX stands for exterior, while the C and D are the grades of the product.

Fire-Retardant-Treated Plywood

Exterior grade plywood that is treated with a fire retardant. Fire-retardant-treated plywood is often used on taller commercial buildings to meet fire codes. One common product made by Hoover is called Pyroguard®.

Exterior Gypsum Sheathing

They are typically used in combination with fire-retardant-treated plywood on multi-unit buildings.  Exterior gypsum sheathing is fire-resistant, protects against moisture, and resists mildew.

Oriented Strand Board (OSB)

As pictured, OSB is one of the most common exterior sheathing options in wood-framed construction.  It is sturdy like plywood and a sustainable product made from compressed wood strands further held together with adhesive. 

Exterior sheathing with a coating

Instead of a separate vapor barrier, why not use an exterior sheathing with a patented coating?  One such product, manufactured by Huber Engineered Woods, is called ZIP System® Wall Sheathing.

Exterior sheathing with insulation

Huber also manufactures their Zip System® Wall Sheathing with added insulation. Various insulation thicknesses are available, as can be found here: Zip System® R-Sheathing.

EdgeBuilder is experienced in applying all types of exterior sheathing on panelized walls.  Whether cost, code, or comfort, whatever drives your choice of sheathing, we are here to manufacture your project according to the sheathing manufacturer’s guidelines. Please also check your local building codes when choosing, as we want a successful project for both of us.