Concrete has been the number one foundation in residential homes throughout the U.S. for a significant period of time, so it’s no wonder that the thought of wood foundations raises concerns and questions. Will the wood rot? Is it strong enough for a two-story house? Edgebuilder, a leader in the wood foundation industry, is here to establish fact from fiction about residential permanent wood foundations.

  • Will it last? Yes! The wood used in the foundations is different from the wood that was used for your deck, for example. This wood protects against water, soil, and termites. This wood is meant to be strong and permanent.
  • Can I design it? Yep! You have flexibility over the design, and the foundations are custom engineered.
  • Won’t it be cold? Nope. It actually creates a warmer basement as opposed to concrete, and it can lower energy bills. Wood is a better insulator than concrete, so your basement will stay warm and cozy.
  • Which foundation is quicker to install? Wood foundations are far easier and faster to install than concrete or stone. And, they’re cheaper!
  • Can I refinish my basement with wood foundations? Absolutely. It’s actually easier to attach drywall to wood foundations rather than concrete.

Our plant is located in western Wisconsin which allows us to serve Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas. To the right is a photo of a finished basement that had permanent wood foundations installed.

One customer from Iowa said, “The foundation is dry and comfortable. There has not been one drop of moisture in the lower level.”Ready to build your permanent wood foundation?

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