EdgeBuilder has been serving the commercial and residential construction industry since 2003 with our wall panels and wood foundations. We’ve gone into the specifics of each so you have a better understanding of what we offer!

Wall Panels

We know you have high standards for your project, which is why we only use the finest material for your wall panels. Our goal in providing wall panels is for your construction project to move quickly without compromising quality. They’re built to specifications, so you know the project will go smoothly!

Wood Foundations

Similar to wall panels, our wood foundations save you time and money—both are a contractor’s best friend!

Wood foundations are long-lasting, energy efficient, and are custom designed and engineered.

Don’t just take our word for it—hear it from our clients!

“We put an EdgeBuilder foundation in our own home for the same reason we offer the system to our customers. It is easier to finish, provides the most comfortable living space, and is a better value.” –Greg & June Amundson, Deer Creek Cedar Homes

“Using the EdgeBuilder foundation gives us additional quality control and time savings. It’s been a tremendous asset for Pratt Homes.” – Lowell Pratt


Both our wall panels and permanent wood foundations have helped many commercial and residential clients with their projects.

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