Minnesota winters can be unpredictable. While we don’t know if we’ll be faced with mounds of snow or extremely cold temperatures, we can do our best to be prepared. Construction in winter is far from the ideal situation, but with the right plan and supplies, it can be done. Here are a few things you should know if you’re planning for a winter commercial project.

  • You’ll need winter construction provisions. To keep your team and materials safe, you’ll need temporary enclosures, a heat source, and snow removal. Always have salt on the site as well to prevent any equipment crashes.
  • Don’t expect a smooth timeline. A winter storm can seemingly come out of nowhere, so be ready for setbacks and having to put the project on hold for a bit. Sudden freezes can also cause a halt on construction—you can stay in the know by always looking for when the worst weather is expected. Delays are just part of winter construction!
  • The workdays are shorter. Because there’s less daylight, you won’t be able to work as long as you could in the other seasons.
  • There are safety concerns. Below freezing temps, high winds, snow, and ice all pose safety issues for your crew. If it’s too cold for your equipment to start up, it’s too cold to be working outside.
  • Finish the groundwork before the coldest days hit. Digging into frozen ground is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • Make sure ahead of time that the construction site is accessible in the winter.
  • When dressing for the weather, avoid scarves. A balaclava or other face covering is ideal, as scarves can get in the way of construction.
  • Consider Edgebuilder’s wall panels. While we can’t prevent delays with the job, we can help get your work done quicker with pre-fabricated wall panels. We can also deliver on an as-needed basis, so you don’t have to worry about keeping all of your materials covered from the elements or having wood freeze or rot.

Fall, spring, and summer are always the most ideal construction months, but as long as you’re prepared, winter commercial construction is doable!

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