Deadlines are always important, but they are especially critical for commercial construction. Time really is money when completion of a project means the difference between occupancy of a structure vs. delayed revenue / return on investment to owners.

At EdgeBuilder, Inc., we help our clients get their projects done on time and with as little headaches as possible. In the competitive building industry, it’s our goal to be sure our clients stay ahead of the competition with an exceptional product that gets delivered on time. With prefabricated wall panels, EdgeBuilder Wall Panels help commercial contractors build faster, better, and smarter.

Having built and supplied over 100 large-scale, multi-level wood frame buildings, we understand the dynamics of multi-family commercial construction. In addition to saving you time, EdgeBuilder Wall Panels provide these additional benefits:

  • We deliver your materials as needed. This is especially helpful for commercial projects in urban areas that don’t allow for a lot of on-site storage.
  • We take quality control seriously. You know your prefabricated wall panels will be on site, on time, and built to your specifications.
  • Weather delays are avoided because the wall panels are pre-built and ready to assemble on site.

Here’s what one of our framing customers said recently:
“We are so glad to be working with Edge on this one!”
There are many reasons why framers love “Edge”. See what others have said about us:

Our goal of serving the construction industry with high-quality, pre-built wall panels and permanent wood foundations has been going strong since 2003. Our success is built on providing exceptional products in a timely way. Contact us today!