Since 2003, EdgeBuilder has been supplying high-quality wall panels not only for above-ground applications, but also for below-ground applications in the form of permanent wood foundations (PWF’s). Our products help you build faster and better, no matter the size of the project. Built in a controlled environment by our talented workforce, our panels are the answer to gaining an edge over tight labor markets and the resulting tight construction schedules.

Wall Panels

Stick-framing on the job site is outdated. Save money, labor, and time by building with wall panels instead. Since they’re built to exact specifications, you limit waste as well, and you save room on the job site by utilizing our as-needed, on-site delivery. General contractors have praised us for being able to decipher difficult structural plans, and they’re thankful for being able to cut weeks and even months from construction schedules.

During production, prefabricated wall panels are assembled using high-tech framing equipment and computer-controlled stations to ensure you’re getting the best possible product. We use only the finest material for your project, and your wall panels will go through several quality checks to remove any defects.

Permanent Wood Foundations

Many have chosen PWF’s instead of concrete. In fact, you’ll often find EdgeBuilder customers on their second, or even third, permanent wood foundation. Reasons: PWF’s are as permanent as it gets, cozy like your upper levels, highly energy efficient, and offer superior design flexibility.

Permanent wood foundations save you time and make clients happy, as the wood creates a warmer and more comfortable living space, as opposed to concrete.

No matter the project, our products are designed to save you time and keep your team on schedule. Because we believe in wood basements, EdgeBuilder offers the industry’s only long-term warranty program

Our wall panels for above- or below-ground use are time-tested and proven for residential homes, townhomes, and large, multi-unit builds. Fill out the form on our website or give us a call to start your project today!