When you choose to build with wall panels, you can be confident that your project is in good hands at Edgebuilder. Our process is thorough and takes time and expertise. This blog will cover the process of building a quality wall panel at the Edgebuilder facility.


EdgeBuilder uses estimating software to quickly and accurately calculate materials needed for the build.  Not only will we include material for the panels, but also material needed for the “loose lumber” portion of the project, if you prefer.  As much information as you can provide, we’ll narrow things down right to the last piece of blocking.


We begin by reviewing the plans for the project.  Thereafter, our design team will reach out to you with “requests for information” (RFI’s). RFI’s flush out material preferences, framing sequence, rough openings, blocking, scheduling, etc.  Next, we “build” your project with our software to prevent any issues from making it to the job site. Once the design is complete, it makes its way to our plant to be imported into production software. This design will show up virtually on computerized stations for cutting and framing.


Edgebuilder wall panels are carefully crafted. The first step of the fabrication process is cutting the panel pieces with the Hundegger Speed-Cut Sc1 saw. During this process the panels are labeled according to how they will be assembled. Next, the pieces are moved to the assembly line, where our experienced craftsmen build the panels with overhead screens detailing how each panel should be constructed. The panels are quality checked at many points to ensure they were squared and assembled correctly.

The sheathing is added to each panel to complete the process, and final quality checks are made. The panels are then organized, bundled, and stored until they are needed at the job site. Our plant manager loads the panels strategically for efficient on-site offloading and ensures they are protected during transportation. If needed, we can package and ship the panels in smaller bundles to lessen the space they take up on the job site. Accompanying the panels, are waterproof plans, detailing each panel which are laid out in order of the earlier discussed framing sequence.


The building industry is competitive, and it’s essential to stay ahead of your competition. That’s why Edgebuilder provides custom-built, prefabricated wood wall panels to help reduce construction time, labor cost, and material waste with exceptional quality. Edgebuilder is a leader in the industry, proudly serving the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Take a look at our portfolio.

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