When you’re looking for materials to build, especially lumber, the options are endless. But when you’re trying to find quality products that make your job quick, easy, and save you money, there’s fewer businesses to choose from. That’s where EdgeBuilder steps in.

We’ve been serving the construction industry with pre-built wall panels and permanent wood foundations since 2003, so we know how to provide quality products along with exceptional service. Our concepts have been proven to be successful for both residential and commercial builds!

Our products are built and kept in a controlled environment—this highly reduces the chance of theft, along with eliminating exposure to harmful weather. To create wall panels, once we have the exact specifications for your project and have created a digital design, we begin by cutting the pieces and labeling them in the order of assembly. After pieces are organized, they’re sent down the assembly line where our craftsmen construct the panels according to overhead screens. Wall panels are checked at various points to make sure that they’re square and are built correctly. Afterwards, sheathing is added, along with a final quality check, and then they’re bundled and stored until it’s time to ship to the job site.

Because the building industry is extremely competitive, you need to stay ahead. Wall panels can help with that—prefabricated panels allow you to build better and faster, reducing construction time and cost of labor. We also know that space on the job site can be limited, so your wall panels will be delivered on an as-needed basis, which also prevents the materials from being left to the elements.

Wood basements are becoming a more popular choice for new builds, and when you need permanent wood foundations, you need to be sure that they’re going to last. Our permanent wood foundations are custom designed and engineered to make sure the installation is quick and easy. Just like with wall panels, we work with your blueprint plans and use our specialized software to create your wood foundation. We also introduced the industry’s only long-term warranty program!

Whether you’re building with wall panels or wood foundations, we’ll deliver products on time and package shipments so they’ll arrive safely.

We think our clients sum it up best: “Never [until EdgeBuilder] have I experienced a major subcontractor that met all its scheduled milestones and commitments. I learned very quickly that your crews would be on site at their appointed times.” -Bill Gorham

So, when you’re ready to save time, manpower, and money, call EdgeBuilder, Inc. We’re more than happy to work with you on your latest project.