The busy summer construction season is just around the corner. As a builder, are you looking for ways to build more efficiently, save time, and stretch your labor force? We can help.

From the beginning of the project, beyond delivery at the build site, EdgeBuilder is a true partner in the wall panel construction process.

Our process for building the panels is efficient to ensure delivery of your product on time and without error. Using specialized software, we thoroughly assess your project, determine the number and type of wall panels needed, and produce a virtual mock-up from your plans. This service allows for problems to be identified and addressed, long before your wall panels arrive at the jobsite.

Once plans are assessed and approved, we move on to the build process at our 16,000 square foot production facility in Prescott, WI. Focusing on safety and quality, you can rest assured that your project is in good hands.

Benefits of EdgeBuilder’s wall panels:

  • Built in a controlled environment, our panels are not subjected to moisture or excessive heat or cold that could warp and damage the final product.
  • Our plant utilizes quality framing equipment, saws, and skilled workers to build each panel.
  • The computer-controlled stations and laser guided bridges aid in precise construction.
  • Every single panel is checked by our quality control personnel before leaving the facility.
  • Pre-built wall panels reduce onsite time during the construction process allowing for better efficiency in staffing.
  • Panels may be scheduled for delivery by sections versus all at once to help with space limitation issues onsite.

All EdgeBuilder wall panels are bundled according to your framing sequence—allowing for quick and seamless installation, that can cut time off your construction schedule.

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