Our Process

From start to finish Edgebuilder has a chain of experienced personnel working to complete your project. A cost estimate starts the process. When the project is awarded then design of the prefabricated wall panels will begin. Next is fabrication then delivery of the wall panels completes the cycle.
We are adept at receiving blueprint plans in different formats, including CDs, emails, PDFs, and of course virtual plan rooms. Using the aid of “On Screen Software” our estimating team can negotiate through every detail of your architectural and structural blueprints. The “On-Screen Software” along with “Quik Bid” is some of the latest technology that enables us to rapidly and thoroughly acquire information for your budget numbers. Our current client’s tell us we have some of the most detailed and informative pre-construction estimates in the business. This computer aided way of producing estimates allows you the confidence of knowing there will not be errors or gaps in your budget numbers.
Before we can begin construction on your pre-fab wall panels we move forward on a most crucial step of our process, designing. Our seasoned design department starts with an overall review of the entire plan with the goal of sniffing out any issues early. If anything looks out of the ordinary our skilled design team will inform you immediately with a Request for Information. Along with RFIs, plan interpretation, and the use of another uniquely positioned software program, we “build” your project in the computer first. This value added service allows for problems to be prevented long before your first subs arrive on site much less before any building materials. When design is complete we supply the field personnel with placement plans and dimension plans. These plans are plotted on “weather proof” paper that does not rip or smear when wet. As panels arrive on site, designers are available to answer any questions you may have.
EdgeBuilder wall panels are produced in a specially designed new 16,000 sq. ft. production facility. Our plant includes hi-tech framing equipment, saws and nailers. With computer controlled stations, laser guided bridges, and the best of experienced hands on knowledge, we produce the best wall panel in the Twin Cities. We focus on safety and quality, while adhering to a strict tolerance policy to assure only the finest material is used in your project. Each panel is checked for squareness and defects by our quality control personnel before leaving the facility. We know that whatever walls panels we are currently working on are the most important to you and us
Delivery & Installation

Each wall is bundled according to the order the framers will be setting the walls on site. Bundles are then delivered to site carefully by one of our fleet vehicles. When arriving to site you have the option to unload by crane or lull w/ extension forks depending on your situation. Once to site, installation is a snap with Edgbuilder Walls. Our wall panels are “framer friendly” and we attribute this to our endless communication and flexibility throughout the entire project. Before each project begins we arrange pre-construction meetings to sit down with the framer and review our placement plans. It is not by luck but rather execution that makes us stand out as a leader in the wall panel business.

Our wall panel and panelized foundation manufacturing facility located in western Wisconsin allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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