Panelized Foundations - Warm, Dry, Comfortable

Every Level of Your Home Can Be Warm, Dry, and Comfortable!

Say YES to an EdgeBuilder Foundation?
1.  Yes!  It will last.
2.  Yes!  It’s cozy, warm, and dry.
3.  Yes!  It’s energy efficient.
4.  Yes!  It can be a replacement foundation.
5.  Yes!  It saves time and money.
6.  Yes!  You have design flexibility.

7.  What are others saying about Edgebuilder’s panelized foundations?

Since inception, thousands of panelized foundations have been installed across the country; positioning Edgebuilder as a leader in the residential foundation industry.  Engineer designed Edgebuilder foundations are so effective at solving the problems associated with concrete, that Edgebuilder stepped outside the comfort zone of other foundation builders and introduced the industry’s only long-term warranty program.

Shown to the left is an Edgebuilder foundation being installed for a Pratt Home’s customer in Woodbury Minnesota. Pratt Homes was honored with the Builder of the year award for 2014 and has built over 300 homes using Edgebuilder panelized foundations.

Our wall panel and panelized foundation manufacturing facility located in western Wisconsin allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  We also serve markets in Missouri and Oklahoma.

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