The less-talked-about positive side to the higher interest rates is that commodities have come down significantly, which presents an opportunity. To put it into perspective, a 2×4 today costs about half as much as it did a year ago. A sheet of plywood, approximately 17% less than a year ago. 

Additionally, most window manufacturers have improved their lead times significantly as the supply chain on glass and other window components has improved. We saw lead times as high as 20 weeks coming into 2022, and depending on manufacturer, lead times are now 5-12 weeks. 

Now might be the perfect time to panelize! 

With EdgeBuilder wall panels and permanent wood foundations, you’ve got an advantage that other construction companies don’t: saved time and materials. The ability to get the job done quickly and accurately makes panels an attractive choice for those looking to build. 

Wall Panels 

The traditional stick-framing method is time consuming and can result in wasted materials. Wall panels are constructed in our facility and are designed according to the blueprints you provide, going through several quality checks along the way. Our team assembles your wall panels with the help of computer-controlled stations and laser-guided bridges and focuses on safety and quality. In addition, your wall panels are bundled in the order in which they’ll be installed, and we also deliver them to your job site on an as-needed basis. 

Permanent Wood Foundations 

Known for their ability to keep basements warm and dry, we provide contractors around the Twin Cities with permanent wood foundations—a great alternative to traditional concrete foundations. Wood foundations are much quicker to install, once again saving you time and money. They’re made with treated wood so they’re protected against rot and termites, and homeowners rave about how comfortable their wood basements are.  


Although interest rates are up, commodities are down, and the building supply chain has loosened up coming into 2023. Opportunity might be knocking! Get in touch with EdgeBuilder today to discuss what you need for your next project.