Green Building Materials

EdgeBuilder Wall panels – The GREEN way to build

Green building is the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources – energy, water, and materials – while reducing building impacts on the environment during the building’s lifecycle.
EdgeBuilder wall panels are an extremely eco-friendly or “Green” method of construction that utilizes wood, the ONLY major building material that is a 100% natural renewable resource. Essentially, wood is the only building material that uses the sun’s energy to renew itself in a continuous sustainable cycle! Specifically, using Edgbuilder wall panels will help the environment in the following ways.

EdgeBuilder pre-fabricated wall panels will minimize waste as compared to conventional stick frame construction.

• We do not discard lumber over 6 inches in length
• We preserve over 30% more of the sheathing applied to exterior walls
• We utilize “waste” wood and it is recycled for shipping and storage needs
• Wood that is dumpstered is utilized by outside companies

EdgeBuilder Wall panels – The

EdgeBuilder wall panels will minimize community impact of your jobsite

• Less noise on site (nail guns, saws, drills) this work is done in our manufacturing facility.
• Less heavy equipment traffic delivering endless loads of stick lumber
• Less overall crew time on site
• Less clutter and a cleaner job site


EdgeBuilder Wall Panels are a more environmentally friendly construction method versus steel and concrete steel and concrete designs:

*Release 24% and 47% more air pollution than wood
*Product 8% and 23% more solid wastes than wood
*Use 11% and 81% more resources than wood
*Require 26% and 57% more energy than wood
*Emit 34% and 81% more greenhouse gasses than wood
*Discharge 4 and 3.5 times more water pollution than wood

(Source:Canadian Wood Council
Our wall panel and panelized foundation manufacturing facility located in western Wisconsin allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
We also serve markets in Missouri and Oklahoma.