Features and Benefits

Why Should You Choose Edgebuilder Wall Panels for your next project?

Faster Build Cycles

In today’s competitive market, time is money and getting projects done faster is imperative. The entire construction process is pushed ahead at light speed with Edgebuilder Wall Panels. You will notice the advantage of having the roof on and being dried in faster with our pre-fab wall panels versus traditional stick framing. Your project will see less weather delays keeping your project on schedule.

Total Project Cost Savings

Produced Indoors: Our prefabricated wood wall panels are the solution to cost control.  Edgebuilder Wall Panels save you money because they are produced in a controlled, indoor environment where waste is minimized, theft is non-existent, and efficiency is high.

Low Overhead: Project Superintendents spend less of their day dealing with on-site stick-framing issues and can spend more time keeping the overall project moving forward keeping job site overhead costs down.

Faster ROI: Using pre-fab wall panels allows you to set a more aggressive schedule and gain days so you can move on to your next project faster. This allows you to pay less interest on your loan, which gives you a faster return on investment.

Guarantee: Our guaranteed prefabricated wall panel package protects you from fluctuations in the use of lumber by different framing contractors. Our guaranteed price for lumber material in the walls gives you a feeling of comfort in moving forward with the project.


EdgeBuilder wall panels are an “eco-friendly” method of construction utilizing a renewable resource. In addition, the use of pre-manufactured wall panels creates less waste than conventional stick frame construction.

Minimizes community impact
• Less noise on site (nail guns, saws, drills) this work is done in our manufacturing facility.
• Less heavy equipment traffic delivering endless loads of stick lumber
• Less overall crew time on site

• Less clutter/neater job site
Custom Design
Our wall panels are precision designed by experienced professionals using high tech computer software.  Using Edgebuilder Wall Panels does not limit you to  “cookie cutter” type designs. We have supplied custom wall panels for million dollar dream homes to luxury five-story condominiums. Customization, attention to detail, accuracy, and design flexibility are our core competencies.
Our wall panel and panelized foundation manufacturing facility located in western Wisconsin allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
We also serve markets in Missouri and Oklahoma.

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