EdgeBuilder Panelized Foundations - Yes! You Have Design Flexibility.

Every Level of Your Home Can Be Warm, Dry, and Comfortable!

With an EdgeBuilder panelized foundation, our engineered design is very flexible and easily incorporates corners, bays, angles and custom heights.

Changes happen.  However, with our foundation, changes in design are much easier to make during and after construction.  Walls can be moved and window openings can be added, modified, or even relocated much, much easier than with concrete foundations.

Our design flexibility makes an EdgeBuilder foundation ideal for replacing old deteriorated foundations.  We have experience in replacing foundations of failing concrete, clay and concrete block, and mortared rock. Also, additions with EdgeBuilder panelized foundations are easily incorporated into homes with existing concrete foundation.

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Our wall panel and panelized foundation manufacturing facility located in western Wisconsin allows us to efficiently serve the upper Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
We also serve markets in Missouri and Oklahoma.

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