Contractors are always looking for ways to cut time and costs from a construction project. If you’re still building with concrete foundations, it’s time to look into the alternative: permanent wood foundations. Also referred to as PWFs, these structures are meant to save you time and make your clients happy. If you’re not familiar with wood basements, here are just a couple of things to note.

They’re innovative

Many builders have been using concrete foundations without realizing there’s a more innovative option. Permanent wood foundations save you time and provide a comfortable home for your clients. Design flexibility is a huge perk in addition to cutting costs and time on the job site. Another perk? More space! No furring needed as the studs are already there.

They provide warmth and comfort

We know how brutal Minnesota winters can be, but with wood basements, your clients can stay warm. Wood is a better insulator than concrete, making permanent wood foundations the ideal choice for homes in the Midwest.

They’re made with pressure-treated wood

There are a few misconceptions about building with permanent wood foundations. One of those is that wood will be susceptible to rot from wet soil. However, wood basements aren’t constructed with just any lumber. Only pressure-treated wood rated for below ground use is used to build these foundations, protecting the lumber from rot and termites.

They’re strong and durable

Yes, wood foundations are plenty strong enough to support any residential build. Choose from a concrete pad or traditional rock base to support the walls. Studs are sized for the build— typically treated 2×6 and treated 2×8. However, 2×10 and even 2×12 treated studs can be used for additional structural loading.


Making the switch from concrete to permanent wood foundations can be a change, but it’s a good one. We have several client testimonials on our website so you can see firsthand how permanent wood foundations are changing the construction game. The experts at EdgeBuilder are ready to assist you with any questions and work with you on your project. We’ve been serving builders in the Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin since 2003.